Destination Newark surveyed business owners ranging from startups to established enterprises across a variety of industries to gain business advice for existing and budding entrepreneurs. These business owners all have one thing in common–they are like-minded in seeking a socially conscious urban renaissance. Some are CUEED certified, indicating that they have also completed training at The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers Business School.
Here’s what they had to say:

Hunt, Hamlin and Ridley is the largest African American-owned law firm in the state of New Jersey. With 24 years of experience in criminal defense, civil rights and municipal law, the firm recently wrote a social equity amendment for New Jersey senate bill 2703, which would legalize adult recreational use of marijuana. The amendment ensures that minorities, who have been historically and disproportionately persecuted for the sale and use of marijuana, would have equal opportunity to profit as licensed distributors if the bill is passed.

Co-founder Ray Hamlin has successfully litigated several high profile cases and was featured in Busiessweek magazine as well as Fortune magazine as one of “America’s Premier Lawyers.”

Secret to Success: “Integrity, humility and hard work are three major reasons we’ve been able to stay in business all these years. And the fact that we’re a multifaceted firm, insofar as the law is concerned, has benefited us.”

Business Advice: “Work as hard as you can and be consistent. Make sure that those you surround yourself with have the same drive as you and put your ego aside for the greater good. Lastly, recognize that longevity requires some luck and a lot of sacrifice and dedication.”