Destination Newark surveyed business owners ranging from startups to established enterprises across a variety of industries to gain business advice for existing and budding entrepreneurs. These business owners all have one thing in common–they are like-minded in seeking a socially conscious urban renaissance. Some are CUEED certified, indicating that they have also completed training at The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers Business School.
Here’s what they had to say:

Husband and wife team Robert and Denise Acquaye took a chance on Newark eight years ago and opened their FastSigns business on a previously deserted end of Market Street. Now the block is lined with restaurants and the sign shop’s revenues are booming. The franchise reportedly earns between $500,000 and $1 million annually. Their eight-person staff provides visual communication needs—everything from business cards to wall-sized banners and posters—for clients such as the Prudential Center and BCT Partners.

Secret to Success: “Discipline, continued learning, hiring the very best, and providing the best customer service.”

Business Advice: “Be focused on your goals and create a clean, well-lit environment that makes customers feel welcomed. Stay true to yourself and your customers. Make your customers your highest priorities.”