Destination Newark surveyed business owners ranging from startups to established enterprises across a variety of industries to gain business advice for existing and budding entrepreneurs. These business owners all have one thing in common—they are like-minded in seeking a socially conscious urban renaissance. Some are CUEED certified, indicating that they have also completed training at The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers Business School.
Here’s what they had to say:

Taseen Peterson, his brother Mark, and third partner Tiffon Turner launched Gamefuly in 2018, a platform that helps gamers create and share video game content with a game-changing voice-enabled mobile app. A tech enthusiast who’s been building apps for more than 10 years, Peterson’s creative technical skills have won awards at SXSW and been lauded by national media. Peterson’s previous app, Notefuly, made Inc. magazine’s America’s Coolest College Startups list when he was a student at Seton Hall University. Gamefuly took its first investment in February of this year.

The startup’s developers have also recently launched, a free platform for stakeholders in Newark to collaborate outside of social media.

Secret to Success: “When we pitched for SXSW, we practiced every day and had mentors who gave me feedback. Seek feedback from the judges, as they can offer insights that will improve your pitch,” Peterson explained in NJ Tech Weekly.

Business Advice: “Take action. Don’t sit around and just talk about it—do it. Find partners—people who believe in your vision and who can help you bring your dream to life.”